2nd large illustration for 27v
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2012-11-14 Jonathan Blakeadding a puzzle label and dashed lines to denote puzzle...
2012-11-14 Jonathan Blakecorrecting use of newlines in target document
2012-11-14 Jonathan Blakecorrecting handling of IDREFS attribute
2012-11-13 Jonathan Blakeadding delimiter to call to tokenize()
2012-11-13 Jonathan Blakefirst attempt at integrating the "puzzle" and "deadend...
2012-10-28 Jonathan Blakefixing bug where lrf size was listed as pdb size
2012-10-28 Jonathan Blakeadd SVGZ files
2012-10-28 Jonathan Blakecorrect page text variable names
2012-10-28 Jonathan Blakealtered the script to list all formats in PmWiki page...
2012-10-27 Jonathan Blakeadding scripts to build SVG path map in one step
2012-10-27 Jonathan Blakeignore DOT and LOG files
2012-10-26 Jonathan Blakeadding the approximate file size of the xhtml-less...
2012-10-26 Jonathan Blakesimple script to list the file sizes for books for...
2012-10-26 Jonathan Blakescript to validate several XML files at once
2012-10-26 Jonathan Blakereorganizing the repository