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2018-02-08 Jonathan Blakeupdating publication date on English gamebooks for...
2015-04-28 Simon OsborneMake explicit a footnote Section reference is to a...
2015-04-13 Jonathan Blakeupdating publication date for 01hh and 02smr
2015-04-13 Jonathan Blakefixing issues found in 01hh and 02smr by gblint
2015-04-11 Simon OsborneFinal 02smr issues
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2015-04-08 Simon OsborneFW02 aggregated changes
2015-04-02 Simon Osborne02smr 187: Add: "You may also retrieve the weapon that...
2015-03-26 Simon OsborneIllustration Transcription credit
2015-03-26 Simon Osborne02smr: small illustration placements
2015-03-24 Simon Osborne<cite> tags for Freeway Warrior when referring to the...
2015-03-21 Simon OsborneFW 1-4 updated to remove ambiguous 'through your lenses...
2015-03-20 Jonathan Blakeminor change: switching square brackets to parentheses
2015-03-06 Simon OsborneCouple more 02smr fixes
2015-03-06 Simon OsborneChanges to 02smr
2015-02-26 Simon OsborneAdd Equipment footnote to FW books
2015-02-14 Simon OsborneFix 02smr so that the small illustration numbers match...
2015-02-13 Jonathan Blakefixing the illustration dimensions for 02smr
2012-11-14 Simon OsborneAdd the <deadend> and <puzzle> tags to all xml files
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