Reconcile frontmatter errata
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2019-12-14 Jonathan BlakeReconcile frontmatter errata
2019-12-14 Jonathan BlakeAdd map title
2019-12-14 Jonathan BlakeAdd proofreaders
2019-12-12 Jonathan BlakeFix encoding of map text; split it into paragraphs
2019-12-11 Jonathan BlakeAdded James Murray's text replacement for the map
2019-12-08 Jonathan BlakeFix James Murray's remaining issues
2019-12-04 Jonathan BlakeAddress James Murray's first 100 reported issues
2019-12-03 Jonathan BlakeCapitalize description after spells
2019-12-03 Jonathan BlakeFix markup of COMBAT SKILL and ENDURANCE
2019-12-03 Jonathan BlakeAdd Grand Thane to Improved Disciplines
2019-12-03 Jonathan BlakeAdd The Story So Far
2019-12-03 Jonathan BlakeFix reference to next book to 30ditd
2019-12-03 Jonathan BlakeUse HTTPS links where appropriate
2019-12-03 Jonathan BlakeMark up names of Comet and Skyfort
2019-12-02 Jonathan BlakeFix Kai Weapon name markup
2019-12-02 Jonathan BlakeAdd correct blurb
2019-12-02 Jonathan BlakeFix more links
2019-12-02 Jonathan BlakeAdd missing "to" in "turn XXX" choices
2019-12-02 Jonathan BlakeAdd Brian Williams as an interior illustrator
2019-12-02 Jonathan BlakeUpdate copyright and license notifications
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeMerge branch 'develop' of ssh://
2019-11-16 Ingo KlöckerFix a few missing links and remove a wrong link
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeChange syphon > siphon
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeFix remainder of the issues Simon reported
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeFix various issues reported by Simon
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeFix section number for erratum entry
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeStandardize on "50 ft."
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeAdd slot for 13th discipline
2019-11-16 Jonathan BlakeSpell out ordinal numbers
2019-11-14 Jonathan BlakeStandardize markup for multiple enemies
2019-11-14 Jonathan BlakeStandardize markup of combat
2019-11-09 Jonathan BlakeUpdate with various changes submitted by Simon
2019-11-03 Jonathan BlakeUse vulgar fractional markup
2019-11-03 Jonathan BlakeFix various issues reported by Simon
2019-11-01 Jonathan BlakeMerge in Simon's fixes
2019-10-19 Jonathan BlakeChange non-ASCII to character tags
2019-10-19 Jonathan BlakeAdd Timeline of Notable Events in Magnamund
2019-10-09 Jonathan BlakeAdd more frontmatter and backmatter
2019-09-08 Jonathan BlakeAdd barebones 29tsoc.xml