Changes made to regularise Item names (hat tip: David Kubecka) and to fix problems...
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2012-11-14 Simon OsborneChanges made to regularise Item names (hat tip: David...
2012-11-13 Jonathan Blakestyling "puzzle" and "deadend" like "choice"
2012-11-13 Jonathan Blakeadded the "puzzle" and "deadend" elements
2012-11-12 Jonathan Blake7th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-10 Jonathan Blake6th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-09 Jonathan Blake5th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-08 Jonathan Blake4th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-07 Jonathan Blake14th 26tfobm illustration (out of order, oops)
2012-11-07 Jonathan Blake3rd 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-05 Jonathan Blake2nd 26tfobm illustration
2012-10-31 Jonathan Blakeadding first illustration of 26tfobm
2012-10-28 Jonathan Blakefixing errata entry for 91
2012-10-27 Jonathan Blakemaking 256 parallel with 397 by adding "(only if you...
2012-10-26 Jonathan Blakereorganizing the repository