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2013-04-02 Jonathan Blake9th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-01 Jonathan Blake8th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-27 Simon Osborne04tcod 222, errata: D'val's -> D'Val's
2013-03-26 Jonathan Blake7th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-20 Jonathan Blake6th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-18 Jonathan Blake5th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-13 Jonathan Blake4th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-05 Jonathan Blake3rd large illustration for 27v
2013-02-28 Jonathan Blake2nd large illustration for 27v
2013-02-26 Jonathan Blakefirst large illustration of 27v
2013-02-23 Simon OsborneFixed 14tcok Section 9 [BK]
2013-02-23 Jonathan Blakelast changes prior to publication
2013-02-23 Jonathan Blakecorrecting minor issue in Improved Disciplines
2013-02-19 Jonathan Blakeadding missing copyright year to license-notification...
2013-02-18 Jonathan Blakecorrecting line height for footnotes
2013-02-12 Simon OsborneErrata entries for "MS<blah>" occurrences
2013-02-12 Jonathan Blakeadding non-breaking space between MS and a year number...
2013-02-07 Simon OsborneRemainder of (er) for Book 26 + clean-up
2013-02-07 Simon OsborneResolving Book 26 outstanding errata per [jb] (Feb...
2013-02-04 Simon OsborneFixing Book 26: Sections 25, 146, and 155
2013-02-02 Simon OsborneBook 26 updates per jb's comments (Feb 2 2012)
2013-01-25 Jonathan Blakefixed image sizes for 26tfobm
2013-01-19 Simon OsborneFinish standardising "Darklord armies" to "Darkland...
2013-01-18 Simon OsborneStandardise "my lord" to lower case (excepting "my...
2013-01-18 Simon OsborneFirst round of Errata for Book 26.
2013-01-16 Jonathan Blakefixing bug in XML coding that prevented the inclusion...
2013-01-09 Jonathan Blakelast illustrations for 26tfobm
2013-01-09 Jonathan Blake7th and 8th small 26tfobm illustrations
2012-12-27 Simon OsborneMinor Typos fixed in Books 7 and 12 (Reported by LoneWo...
2012-12-22 Jonathan Blakefirst six small illustrations for 26tfobm
2012-12-20 Jonathan Blake26tfobm map - high resolution with text in a separate...
2012-12-14 Jonathan Blake20th 26tfobm illustration
2012-12-13 Jonathan Blake19th 26tfobm illustration
2012-12-08 Jonathan Blake18th 26tfobm illustration
2012-12-05 Jonathan Blake17th 26tfobm illustration
2012-12-03 Jonathan Blake16th 26tfobm illustration - "Here Lies Andarin Rex"
2012-11-30 Jonathan Blake15th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-28 Jonathan Blake13th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-28 Jonathan Blake12th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-21 Jonathan Blake11th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-18 Jonathan Blake10th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-15 Jonathan Blake9th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-14 Jonathan Blake8th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-14 Simon Osborne<deadend> tags added in specific Sections in Book 20...
2012-11-14 Simon OsborneAdd the <deadend> and <puzzle> tags to all xml files
2012-11-14 Simon OsborneChanges made to regularise Item names (hat tip: David...
2012-11-13 Jonathan Blakestyling "puzzle" and "deadend" like "choice"
2012-11-13 Jonathan Blakeadded the "puzzle" and "deadend" elements
2012-11-12 Jonathan Blake7th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-10 Jonathan Blake6th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-09 Jonathan Blake5th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-08 Jonathan Blake4th 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-07 Jonathan Blake14th 26tfobm illustration (out of order, oops)
2012-11-07 Jonathan Blake3rd 26tfobm illustration
2012-11-05 Jonathan Blake2nd 26tfobm illustration
2012-10-31 Jonathan Blakeadding first illustration of 26tfobm
2012-10-28 Jonathan Blakefixing errata entry for 91
2012-10-27 Jonathan Blakemaking 256 parallel with 397 by adding "(only if you...
2012-10-26 Jonathan Blakereorganizing the repository