2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Fix book series
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Fix book references
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Translate untranslated text
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Typo fixes sent by the spanish translation coordinator
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Add translations of the Combat Ratio table into Spanish...
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Add definition for LW #14 translation to Spanish
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Add definition for LW #14 translation to Spanish
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... First version for LW#14 translated into Spanish
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Placeholder for #14 images
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Add images translated for the standard skins
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Use "Gran Mastery" in the translation so that the title...
2013-09-17 Javier Fernández... Add translations for the images for LW#13
2013-09-13 Simon OsborneBook 6 Section 26: eight points -> seven points [jc...
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Add Spanish translated illustrations to generation
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Add translations of illustrations of Spanish, reusing...
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Remove line break
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Add rules for 13lsdlpdr (Spanish LW #13)
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Spacing between books
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Grammatical error fix
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Fix credits
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Translate untranslated text and fix some more typos
2013-09-10 Javier Fernández... Typo fix and review using ispell checker
2013-08-30 Jonathan Blakecorrecting PNG action chart illustration dimensions...
2013-08-28 Jonathan Blakecorrecting 27v html-compatible dimensions
2013-08-28 Simon OsborneRemaining Book 17 errata; capitalise Mindshield in...
2013-08-27 Jonathan Blakeupdating a footnote for 27v
2013-08-27 Jonathan Blakefixing image sizes for 27v
2013-08-27 Jonathan Blakeupdating usage notes
2013-08-25 Simon OsborneFix "Twenty-five years" to "Twenty years" in Books...
2013-08-22 Simon OsborneFootnotes for 27v Sections 45 and 83
2013-08-20 Simon OsborneMost of Book 27 errata fixed!
2013-08-13 Simon OsborneClarify 12tmod Section 188 with <em> tags
2013-08-13 Simon OsborneRemove contentious footnote from 15tdc Section 156.
2013-07-31 Jonathan Blakeremoving unused coverpage XSL
2013-07-31 Jonathan Blakechanging how we add covers to EPUBs to fix errors repor...
2013-07-31 Jonathan Blakeremoving the page-header div that was poorly supported...
2013-07-23 Simon OsborneAdded the +3CS part to Sections 39 and 253 from the CE.
2013-07-15 Jonathan Blakelast three Random Number Tables for Lone Wolf
2013-07-12 Simon OsborneLast Mongoose reference gone
2013-07-12 Simon OsborneExpunge all references to the "Mongoose Publishing...
2013-07-10 Jonathan Blakeadding cover images
2013-07-09 Simon OsborneVery minor typo in 18dotd errata
2013-07-09 Simon OsborneRemoval of footnotes from 18dotd based on the recent CE.
2013-07-03 Jonathan Blakereimplementing START attribute of OL to comply with...
2013-07-01 Jonathan Blakemap for 27v
2013-06-28 Jonathan Blake11th and 12th small illustrations for 27v
2013-06-27 Jonathan Blake9th and 10th small illustrations for 27v
2013-06-27 Jonathan Blakeremoved all named anchors and references to named ancho...
2013-06-01 Simon OsborneFix typo in Section 178 of Book 25: killing below ...
2013-05-31 Jonathan Blakesmall illustrations 5-8 for 27v
2013-05-31 Jonathan Blake20th large illustration for 27v
2013-05-29 Jonathan Blakesmall illustrations 1-4 for 27v
2013-05-21 Jonathan Blake19th large illustration for 27v
2013-05-08 Jonathan Blake18th large illustration for 27v
2013-05-01 Jonathan Blake17th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-30 Jonathan Blake16th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-29 Jonathan Blake15th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-19 Jonathan Blake14th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-15 Jonathan Blake13th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-05 Jonathan Blake12th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-04 Jonathan Blake11th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-03 Jonathan Blake10th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-03 Javier Fernández... Check that all binaries needed are installed before...
2013-04-03 Javier Fernández... Check that all binaries needed are installed before...
2013-04-03 Javier Fernández... Check that all binaries needed are installed before...
2013-04-02 Jonathan Blake9th large illustration for 27v
2013-04-01 Jonathan Blake8th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-27 Simon Osborne04tcod 222, errata: D'val's -> D'Val's
2013-03-26 Jonathan Blake7th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-20 Jonathan Blake6th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-18 Jonathan Blake5th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-13 Jonathan Blake4th large illustration for 27v
2013-03-05 Jonathan Blake3rd large illustration for 27v
2013-02-28 Jonathan Blake2nd large illustration for 27v
2013-02-26 Jonathan Blakefirst large illustration of 27v
2013-02-23 Simon OsborneFixed 14tcok Section 9 [BK]
2013-02-23 Jonathan Blakelast changes prior to publication
2013-02-23 Jonathan Blakecorrecting minor issue in Improved Disciplines
2013-02-19 Jonathan Blakeadding missing copyright year to license-notification...
2013-02-18 Jonathan Blakecorrecting line height for footnotes
2013-02-12 Simon OsborneErrata entries for "MS<blah>" occurrences
2013-02-12 Jonathan Blakeadding non-breaking space between MS and a year number...
2013-02-07 Simon OsborneRemainder of (er) for Book 26 + clean-up
2013-02-07 Simon OsborneResolving Book 26 outstanding errata per [jb] (Feb...
2013-02-04 Simon OsborneFixing Book 26: Sections 25, 146, and 155
2013-02-02 Simon OsborneBook 26 updates per jb's comments (Feb 2 2012)
2013-01-25 Jonathan Blakefixed image sizes for 26tfobm
2013-01-20 Jonathan Blakefirst revision of 13lsdlpdr
2013-01-19 Simon OsborneFinish standardising "Darklord armies" to "Darkland...
2013-01-18 Simon OsborneStandardise "my lord" to lower case (excepting "my...
2013-01-18 Simon OsborneFirst round of Errata for Book 26.
2013-01-16 Jonathan Blakefixing bug in XML coding that prevented the inclusion...
2013-01-09 Jonathan Blakelast illustrations for 26tfobm
2013-01-09 Jonathan Blake7th and 8th small 26tfobm illustrations
2012-12-27 Simon OsborneMinor Typos fixed in Books 7 and 12 (Reported by LoneWo...
2012-12-22 Jonathan Blakefirst six small illustrations for 26tfobm
2012-12-20 Jonathan Blake26tfobm map - high resolution with text in a separate...
2012-12-14 Jonathan Blake20th 26tfobm illustration
2012-12-13 Jonathan Blake19th 26tfobm illustration
2012-12-08 Jonathan Blake18th 26tfobm illustration