03toz.xml: (er) 319: Swap destination section numbers so that player is not penalised...
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2015-10-28 Simon Osborne03toz.xml: (er) 319: Swap destination section numbers...
2015-10-13 Jonathan Blakeupdating 04cc publication date
2015-10-11 Jonathan Blakecleaning up remaining issues on 04cc
2015-10-09 Simon OsborneMuchos erratos fixedos 04cc.xml
2015-10-08 Simon Osborne(ne) issues with 04cc.xml
2015-10-04 Jonathan Blakeadjusting small illustration sizes for 04cc
2015-10-04 Jonathan Blakea few issues in 04cc reported by gblint.pl
2015-10-02 Simon OsborneSmall illustration placements for 04cc.xml
2015-10-01 Jonathan Blakeadding text alternative for puzzle illustration in...
2015-10-01 Jonathan Blakefixing small14.png -> small4.png in 04cc
2015-10-01 Jonathan Blakeswitching multiline signposts to use <line> element
2015-09-30 Jonathan Blaketachometer -> milometer in 04cc
2015-09-30 Jonathan Blakeminor correction to erratum entry for 04cc section 274
2015-09-29 Simon OsborneFootnote and erratum for 04cc.xml
2015-09-24 Simon OsborneAdd footnotes/footnote place holder to 04cc.xml
2015-09-24 Simon OsborneErrata per [jb] September 2015; also, a couple of ...
2015-09-24 Jonathan Blakefixing image sizes for 04cc
2015-09-21 Jonathan Blakeadding remaining small illustrations for 04cc
2015-09-19 Jonathan Blakeadding large illustrations 19-20 and small illustration...
2015-09-18 Jonathan Blakeadding large illustrations 17-18 for 04cc
2015-09-17 Jonathan Blakeadding large illustrations 13-16 for 04cc
2015-09-16 Jonathan Blakeadding large illustrations 9-12 for 04cc
2015-09-15 Jonathan Blakeadding eighth large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-15 Jonathan Blakeadding seventh large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-14 Jonathan Blakeadding sixth large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-11 Jonathan Blakeadding fifth large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-10 Jonathan Blakeadding fourth large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-09 Jonathan Blakeadding third large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-08 Jonathan Blakeadding second large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-07 Jonathan Blakeadding first large illustration for 04cc
2015-09-01 Jonathan Blakecounterfire -> return fire erratum
2015-08-29 Jonathan Blakechanging publication date and fixing one non-errata...
2015-08-28 Simon OsborneIssues with FW Books 3&4
2015-08-27 Simon OsborneFix some(ne) issues in 03toz
2015-08-19 Simon OsborneAdd Small 6-11 to 03toz.xml.
2015-08-12 Simon Osborne03toz Small 1-5 placed
2015-08-12 Simon OsborneRemove superfluous space; errata 81: "at Ciudad" -...
2015-08-04 Simon OsborneMissing comma in 01fftd (tssf) (ne)
2015-07-23 Simon OsborneMinor small ill table data update
2015-07-23 Simon Osborne03toz: Errata implemented as per jb
2015-06-19 Jonathan Blakeadding small illustrations 1 and 9 for 03toz
2015-06-17 Jonathan Blakefixing image sizes for 03toz
2015-06-17 Jonathan Blakeadding small illustrations 2, 6, 7, 12, and 13 for...
2015-06-12 Jonathan Blakeadding small illustrations 3-5, 10 for 03toz
2015-06-11 Jonathan Blakeadding small illustrations 8 and 11 for 03toz
2015-06-10 Jonathan Blakeadding large illustrations 18-20 of 03toz
2015-06-09 Jonathan Blakeadding 17th large illustration for 03toz
2015-06-03 Jonathan Blakeadding large illustrations 15 and 16 for 03toz
2015-06-02 Jonathan Blakeadding 14th large illustration for 03toz
2015-06-01 Jonathan Blakeadding large illustrations 11-13 for 03toz
2015-05-29 Jonathan Blakeadding 10th large illustration for 03toz
2015-05-28 Jonathan Blakeadding 9th large illustration for 03toz
2015-05-27 Jonathan Blakeadding 7th and 8th large illustrations for 03toz
2015-05-26 Jonathan Blakeadding 6th large illustration for 03toz
2015-05-20 Jonathan Blakeadding 5th large illustration for 03toz
2015-05-18 Jonathan Blakeadding 4th large illustration for 03toz
2015-05-15 Jonathan Blakeadding 3rd large illustration for 03toz
2015-05-12 Jonathan Blakeadding 2nd large illustration for 03toz
2015-05-11 Jonathan Blakeadding 1st large illustration for 03toz
2015-04-28 Simon OsborneVery minor Caption issues in Grey Star Books 3 and 4
2015-04-28 Simon OsborneAdd a period to the caption for Illustration 12 in...
2015-04-28 Simon OsborneMake explicit a footnote Section reference is to a...
2015-04-13 Jonathan Blakeupdating publication date for 01hh and 02smr
2015-04-13 Jonathan Blakefixing issues found in 01hh and 02smr by gblint
2015-04-11 Simon OsborneFinal 02smr issues
2015-04-10 Simon Osbornegit-svn-id: https://projectaon.org/data/trunk@2440...
2015-04-09 Simon Osborne(er) tssf: May, 2020 -> May 2020 [FW Books 3 and 4...
2015-04-08 Simon OsborneFW02 aggregated changes
2015-04-08 Simon OsborneMake "Ammo Pouch" link to the Action Chart when deletio...
2015-04-08 Simon OsborneDon't use "Deleted" in the Errata entries; use "Removed...
2015-04-02 Simon Osborne02smr 187: Add: "You may also retrieve the weapon that...
2015-04-01 Jonathan Blakeupdating link colors for 02smr, 03toz, and 04cc
2015-03-26 Simon OsborneIllustration Transcription credit
2015-03-26 Simon Osborne02smr: small illustration placements
2015-03-24 Simon Osborne<cite> tags for Freeway Warrior when referring to the...
2015-03-21 Simon OsborneFW 1-4 updated to remove ambiguous 'through your lenses...
2015-03-20 Jonathan Blakeminor change: switching square brackets to parentheses
2015-03-20 Simon OsborneMore FW Maps updates - Just 1-3 this time
2015-03-19 Simon OsborneFreeway Warrior Maps updated (again; hopefully for...
2015-03-06 Simon OsborneCouple more 02smr fixes
2015-03-06 Simon OsborneChanges to 02smr
2015-03-05 Simon OsborneCorrected "Pantano Wash" to "Pantona Wash" in FW3,...
2015-03-03 Simon OsborneFixed typo in Book 21 Map; added updated/improved FW3...
2015-03-02 Simon OsborneAdded label BLACKSHROUD to the unnamed city on the...
2015-02-26 Simon OsborneAdd Equipment footnote to FW books
2015-02-23 Simon OsborneCouple more map typos fixed (Books 11 and 25)
2015-02-19 Simon OsborneFixed typos in maps for Books 8, 12, and 14. Recorded...
2015-02-16 Simon OsborneFW01 Improved Map
2015-02-14 Simon OsborneFix 02smr so that the small illustration numbers match...
2015-02-13 Jonathan Blakefixing the illustration dimensions for 02smr
2015-02-13 Jonathan Blakeadding remaining small illustrations for 02smr
2015-02-11 Jonathan Blakeadding small illustrations 3-4 for 02smr
2015-02-10 Jonathan Blakeadding small illustrations 1-2 for 02smr
2015-02-06 Jonathan Blakeadding twentieth large illustration for 02smr
2015-02-05 Jonathan Blakeadding nineteenth large illustration for 02smr
2015-02-04 Jonathan Blakeadding eighteenth large illustration for 02smr
2015-02-03 Jonathan Blakeadding seventeenth large illustration for 02smr
2015-01-30 Jonathan Blakeadding sixteenth large illustration for 02smr
2015-01-29 Jonathan Blakelast step of swapping ill4.png and ill5.png for 02smr
2015-01-29 Jonathan Blakesecond step of swapping ill4.png and ill5.png for 02smr